Accessible Anytime, Anywhere!

Wave Launcher works from within any app! Switch between apps without going through your home screen!


Wave Launcher is the only add-on launcher that allows you to launch up to 120 apps, shortcuts and plugins with a single swipe.


Wave Launcher allows you to put not only apps and shortcuts on the wave, but also folders. Each folder can contain up to 10 items. Folder navigation is done with swiping alone.


New Web Site


1201 days ago

We’ve just launched our new web-site, we’re still fine-tuning everything, and of course there’s a new awesome version coming soon as well!

Change Log


  • Improved layout of wave folders
  • Fixed a bug in Edit Wave screen for Android 2.1 users.


  • Re-order wave items!
  • Remove specific wave items.
  • In the Edit Wave screen, long-press a wave item to enter reordering mode.
  • Added a menu option in the Edit Wave screen to enter reordering mode.
  • Fixed a bug in ‘smart-recents’ mode (thanks for e-mailing us!)


  • Added exclude list for recents.
  • Added manual icon selection (from gallery/SD-card, etc.)
  • Added an option to make persistence icon invisible.
  • Control the notification action!
  • Notification can now enable/disable wave launcher (useful when playing games).
  • Notification can now toggle Recents-mode on/off.
  • Notification can now launch the AppDrawer.
  • Application list in Edit Wave screen is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Improved performance and reduced memory consumption even more.


  • Added the option to select 0 user-apps, and up to 12 recent-apps.
  • Added a new ‘Recents mode’ setting, to quickly enable the wave to show only recent apps.
  • Improved settings screen (New category: Wave Content).
  • New plug-ins infrastructure for 3rd-party developers.


  • Added custom icon size control. (Edit Wave -> MENU -> Change Icon Size).


  • NEW: FOLDERS! Create folders on the wave. Folders are accessible simply by moving your finger to a folder, and swiping up to open the folder.
  • Added Calibrate screen controls.
  • Improved wave positioning relative to your finger.
  • Added background to selected-item labels for easier readability.
  • Optimized wave layout and reduced overlapping when there are many items on the wave.
  • Added confirmation dialog to “Remove All” option in Edit Wave screen.
  • Speed optimizations.
  • Renovated Help screen (Please read it!)


  • Added support for 3rd party apps to enable/disable Wave Launcher at will. (Currently supported by WidgetLocker 2.1)
  • App Drawer now updates automatically when packages are added/removed (no need to refresh via menu).
  • Fixed a bug that caused recent-app not be launched and display “Failed to launch app” instead.
  • Fixed a bug in smart-recents feature that caused the wave to display less recent-apps than necessary in some cases.
  • Fixed crash when refreshing app-drawer while icons are loading.


  • Added French translation (Thanks to Grégory Steenbeek)
  • Added easing wave in/out animation.
  • Added a ‘Wave Animation’ Setting. Choose between 3 different animation types, and no animation at all.


  • Added Italian translation (Thanks to Michael Lepori)
  • Added Russian translation (Thanks to Timur Safin)
  • Added German translation (Thanks to Joris Affholderbach)
  • Added Polish translation (Thanks to Łukasz Politowski)
  • Language will be automatically set by the system preferences.
  • Added an option to override system preferences and select the desired language.
  • More languages coming soon!


  • Fixed layout issues for WVGA and QVGA resolutions.


  • Added ’0.5 second’ to the long-press options setting.
  • Added a ‘Plugins’ section in the Settings screen.
  • Added a settings screen for the App Drawer plugin.
  • App Drawer background color is now customizable.


  • Added a new category in the Settings screen: Long-press settings.
  • Added a long-press action setting. Choose between ‘None’, ‘Move/resize mode’ (current default),
    or any plugin (currently App Drawer).
  • So, you can now access the app-drawer from the wave, or by long-pressing the gesture-area.
  • Improved toast graphics when changing sort parameters in app drawer.
  • Fixed case-sensitivity issue in alphabetical sorting.


  • App Drawer Plugin has a new built in menu.
  • App Drawer Plugin now supports sorting.
  • Sorting can be alphabetically or by last update time.
  • Sorting can be ascending or descending.
  • Fixed a bug of duplicate items in the app drawer.
  • Fixed app launching mechanism in app drawer.


  • Added a new plugin infrastructure.
  • Added a new ‘plugins’ button in the Edit Wave screen (next to apps/shortcuts).
  • Added the first plugin – Wave Launcher’s built-in app-drawer. It’s just the first basic version.
    It’s going to bring you a lot more functionality than the standard app-drawer on your home-launcher.
  • Other than pressing an app to launch, you can long-press apps to get more options.
  • More (great) plugins coming soon!


  • Added color and transparency customization for wave and selected item label!
  • Color editing is available via Settings → Wave Settings → Wave colors.
  • Also available in the menu of Edit Wave screen.
  • Moved Wave Settings higher in the settings screen since it’s used more often.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some apps not start when launched from recents.
  • Fixed a bug that caused contact quick-badge to crash when launched from wave.


  • Added Smart-recents option(enabled by default) that excludes from recents:- Apps that are already on the wave.- The current running app (If possible to determine).

    - The home-screen app (launcher).

  • New notification icon for Gingerbread users.


  • Added support for showing recently used apps on the wave (See Settings→Wave Settings→Number of recent apps).
  • Added an option to add led-indicators with different colors for user-apps/recent-apps.
  • Added an option to hide the label above the selected item.
  • Added an option to enable/disable icon transparency effect.
  • Added a detailed Settings Screen section in help.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the gesture-area to be misplaced in landscape (Giving the appearance Wave Launcher doesn’t work in landscape).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the background in Settings screen not to be displayed while scrolling.
  • Prevent selected item label from being cropped by screen edges.
  • Performance boost – Wave draws almost twice as fast!


  • Added a customization setting (“Persistence Notification”) to make Wave Launcher run as a foreground service. When enabled, this
    prevents Android from killing Wave Launcher without your request and improves performance. Whenever a service
    runs in the foreground, it must display an icon in the notification bar to make sure the user is aware of it
    (like your music player, when you play a song).It is recommended that you enable this option in Settings


  • Custom icons! We currently support ADW Launcher icon packs.


  • Improved item selection algorithm. You should now notice that the selected item is more accurately above
    your finger. This is especially noticeable when there are 12 items on the wave.
  • This also fixes another issue where the first and last items where not selectable when there are
    12 items on the wave.
  • Animation in ‘Edit Wave’ screen will now only appear when the wave is touched. This was found to be
    more intuitive and comfortable.
  • Added customization settings for gesture-area thickness (sensitivity) in portrait and landscape.Important: The portrait and landscape settings refer to the default bottom-up gesture.
    In case you are using side-gestures (left to right, or right to left), the settings will be reversed,
    which means that the landscape settings will take effect when in portrait, and vice-versa.
  • Rearranged Settings screen.
  • Fixed a small issue when changing the number of apps on the wave.


  • Fixed a problem of shortcuts not being saved correctly in v1.0.6 (Thanks for your e-mails!)


  • The number of wave items can now be customized via the Settings screen and support up to 12 items!
  • Improved wave animation effect.
  • Added support for tablets (e.g Motorola Xoom).
  • Added wave animation when editing
  • Improved wave saving mechanism.


  • Added presets for gesture-area size and location in Settings screen.
  • Fixed resize/move gesture-area for left/right gestures.
  • Fixed label colors in main screen for Motorola Atrix.


  • Gesture-area is now fully customizable! Long press the gesture-area to customize with a single swipe
    both the size and the location.
  • Gesture-area long-press time is configurable view settings.
  • Gesture-area is visible in the Calibrate screen, but long-press functionality is available system-wide!


  • Added ‘Disable in landscape’ in Settings screen.
  • Added ‘Close notification bar’ in Settings screen.
  • Fixed two f/c issues when editing wave.